A club for Christians born of the Spirit.Those who are ready to create big projects and through them influence this world.

We will gather a team of professionals from different spheres

United by one Spirit and one goal - to show Christ to this world

At the moment, our club consists of:
iOS and Android developers
private investor
the founder of a crypto company
and a blogger.

Projects we are working on :


Priority - high

Project stage:

  • There are 3 venture funds ready to pour money into us after launch!

  • We submitted an application to the UN Secretary General to accept us as UN members.

  • 4 batches of passports have been issued

  • iPhone application has been made

  • The project has a top CIS blogger

If we succeed, then this will be a project worth tens - hundreds of millions of dollars.

There is a presentation with full information about the project

How can we glorify Jesus with this project?

  • The country will be founded on Christian principles

  • Impact on all users

  • We distribute 10% of profits to churches

  • We pour another 10% of profits into evangelistic projects

What the project needs now:

  • Marketing requires investment

  • Investments are required to list a token on exchanges

  • Release of the second version of the application

Detailed mathematics of earnings is described in the presentation


Priority - high

Idea :

Create an application where any pensioner can earn good money using the experience of their profession.

In the application, pensioners undergo verification and aptitude tests and confirm their skills.
After that, they open a list of available jobs: create activity on social networks, watch streams on Tik Tok, or work in their specialty (editing text, accounting services). They will cooperate with large companies and outsource part of their work at a big discount.

The project is at the stage of finalizing the idea and concept of earning money

This is a project solely for making money and pouring part of the profits into evangelistic projects and churches.


Our responsibility -

  • Take care in advance of the impending total control

  • Provide Christians with a secure message that cannot be tracked by artificial intelligence

  • Prepare for difficult times, build shelters in different countries

  • Create your own social network and ideally create a smartphone with your own operating system

  • Allow only people born of the Spirit to participate in development.

This project is not about making money, it is about the survival of Christians during persecution and oppression

First Christian Cryptocurrency and
Christian social network

Psalms 133:1
Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity!

Project idea

"Faith Without Works is Dead"

FWWD token

Create a project that can help, influence, unite and inspire Christians.

Our project will help believers go beyond their church, their city and their countries. You will be able to influence, help Christians around the world, and you can also be heard by the whole world if you need help.

We are building a decentralized community of Christians. Everyone can be both in the role of the needy and in the role of helping. The community will prioritize requests for assistance and pay for them as the required amount is collected.

Our mission:

Be the answer to 100,000 needs.
Have 1000 partner churches around the world.
Let's prepare for the difficult times ahead together.
One global community of Christians in one place with a common currency.
In times of CASH BAN, we will exchange our own token and no one will be able to stop us.

When cash is banned and
a single digital currency is introduced,
we will be ready.

When our mobile application is released, we will be able to:

  • Communicate anonymously

  • Influence the fate of brothers and sisters

  • Exchange goods for FWWD

  • Perhaps we will integrate a Modern cool Christian social network - we are separated from this world and should not be in this dirt and depravity of modern social networks

Thanks to FWWD soon you will be able to:

  • Leave a request for help

  • Vote on which of the list of needs is a priority

  • You can pay for someone's need with your FWWD

  • Exchange FWWD with your friends

We are creating a "good deeds" wallet, anyone can donate in crypto or paypal. Your donation will be transferred to FWWD. When the required amount to cover the need is donated, we transfer this amount to the applicant of this need. The counter is reset to zero and collected for the next need.

Max supply:

50 000 000


on the BSC network

Over time we will add several more networks

Technical information about the FWWD token here:




  • Launch of the project

  • Creation of a token and the entire infrastructure

  • Project promotion and advertising

  • Applying for CoinMarketCap

  • Passed Initial Code Audit by Mi7Security

Plan for 2024

  • Listing of the token on several top DEX exchanges

  • Collaboration with other crypto projects

  • Provide assistance to 100 people (organizations) through our project

  • Have 50 partner churches around the world

  • Conference for all project participants

Plan for 2025

  • Listing of the token on –°EX exchange

  • Provide assistance to 300 people (organizations) through our project

  • Have 200 partner churches around the world

  • Monthly conference for all project participants

  • The project and its token are a global trend

Contract address:


If you want to join us, you must first:

Set aside a day for prayer and fasting.
If you do not feel doubts in the Spirit, then write to us.

If you have your own project, write to us too.

May God help us in all that we do.

Contact :